Approved Document F: Ventilation Building Regulations Explained

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    Approved Document F specifically applies to building ventilation and indoor air quality.

    This statutory guidance document dictates that adequate ventilation must be provided to guard against internal moisture build-up that could adversely impact the property’s structure. If not addressed, condensation and poor indoor airflow can affect the long-term health and wellbeing of residents.

    Part F outlines the methods of ventilating as follows:

    • Intermittent Fans – System 1
    • Passive Stack – System 2
    • MEV – System 3
    • MVHR – System 4
    • Alternative Means – this includes Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)


    Addressing poor indoor air quality is best achieved by taking a whole house ventilation approach. The tables below demonstrate the ventilation rates required for different dwelling types.

    51.a 51.b

    What are your thoughts on Approved Document F? Does it go far enough to give guidance on adequate ventilation? Comment below.

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