Building Ventilation Rates

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    Building Regulations Approved Documents Part F and L challenges landlords to consider the effective design, installation, and operation of ventilation systems within and around properties. These documents are in place to ensure that buildings are as energy efficient as possible.

    Approved Document F provides guidance on building ventilation, including air quality, and preventing condensation.

    In most cases there are three different types of ventilation that are needed:

    • Whole of building ventilation
    • Extract ventilation
    • Purge ventilation


    Building leakage provides a degree of natural ventilation too. Air leakage rates affect the SAP rating of a building as high levels of uncontrolled air leakage will reduce the energy performance of the building.

    When we look at tables 5.1a and 5.1b of Approved Document F alongside air leakage rates, and take into consideration that the UK has the oldest and leakiest housing stock in Western Europe alongside the 2.95 bedrooms average, the amount of air movement required looks a lot different.

    But what are you thoughts? Comment below.

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