PAS 2035 Webinar

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    Nuaire Marketing
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    RMI Sales Engineer for the North, our PAS 2035 Webinar explains the ventilation requirements and core principles of PAS 2035, and how to achieve them.

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    PAS 2035 is the latest publicly available specification for low-energy domestic retrofit from the British Standards Institution (BSI). It provides specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings and details best practice guidance for domestic retrofit projects.

    The framework came into effect from June 2019 following the recommendations of the Each Home Counts review, which was designed to determine better processes for the retrofit of both energy-efficient and renewable energy measures.

    Nuaire’s webinar on PAS 2035 will explain the practical applications of the specification. In addition, we can help mitigate these risks and ensure healthy living environments for years to come, Nuaire offers a range of BBA certified product solutions.

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