The health risks of damp and mould and how to prevent them

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    Damp and mould inside properties is caused by excess moisture and poor ventilation.

    No two instances of mould growth around the home will look exactly alike, but the tell-tale signs of black mould in a property include:

    • A musty smell
    • Dark coloured specks on walls, windowsills, the ceiling, or inside cupboards
    • Signs of condensed water vapour on windows, windowsills, and walls
    • Cracking paint and peeling wallpaper
    • Walls that feel cold and damp to the touch


    If left untreated, it can cause damage to paint/wallpaper, décor, and potential health issues due to the volume of spores produced. There are many ways to reduce the levels of humidity in the home such as covering lids whilst cooking and opening windows. However, prevention is better than cure and, the best solution is to mechanically remove the excess moisture from the air.

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